Rawiya Kameir is a writer and editor in Toronto.

She was born in Khartoum and has lived in Abidjan, Cairo, Tunis, New York City, and London. Over the years, she has picked up three languages, a second citizenship, and more email accounts than she can remember the passwords to.

Rawiya holds a B.A. in writing from York University and an M.S. in journalism from Columbia. 

Here are links to some of her writing and a few recent projects. Quick! Before she changes her mind.

Rawiya likes to be emailed here {rawiyakameir at gmail dot com}, to tweet about music, racism, and technology here {@rawiya}, and to post photos of books, friends, and travels here {@rawiyakameir}. And, despite her ambivalence about it as a platform, she tumblrs (tumbls? tumblogs?) here.

She’s open to taking on new projects - for love and for money. She can help with your editorial and/or social media strategy, too. Holler.